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Thursday, March 29, 2012

$540 Million Jackpot

I've never played the lottery until today.  Every Christmas for the past few years we have gotten scratch tickets in our stockings and this year one of my tickets netted me an amazing $2.  So, today I finally cashed that ticket in for a lottery ticket and a buck.

The lottery is not something I'd recommend people do and I've seen people throw their hard earned money away to it on a consistant basis, but a $540 million jackpot and not having to spend money on the ticket convinced me that is was an okay thing to do today.

After I purchased the ticket I began to think about the wild possibility of winning.  I know that isn't going to happen, but it was fun to imagine.  What would I do if I won?  Would I continue to work?  Would I buy the station I work at?  How much would I give away?  How would I know who to give it to?  Lump sum or monthly payments?

The idea of $540 million seems incomprehensible.  I would be so rich!

Then I started to think.  You know, I'm one of the richest people to have ever walked the earth.  I never have to think about shelter because I have bought it.  I never worry about being hungry because I have money in my pocket and a kitchen full of food.  I never worry about transportation because I own a car that I can afford to insure and put gas into.  I never think about hygiene because I own soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, etc, etc.

On top of all that I pay people to entertain me.  I have cable TV and internet.  I go to movies.  I go to concerts and plays.  I attend sporting events.

I am so rich.  Forget the $540 million jackpot.  I mean, I'll take it if I win, but I'm already rich beyond what most people in the history of the world ever dreamed of being.  I live more comfortably than ancient kings and my jesters are more entertaining.   

"Dear Lord, help me to count my blessings.  Keep me from chasing some fantasy and make me thankful for the fantasy I'm living right now.  Lord you have blessed me.  Let me be a blessing to others today."

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