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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Worship and the Burger That Got Away

This Valentine's Day was spent in worship.  We had a great worship this morning from the songs to the prayers and the sermon.  I'm sharing a few worship songs that I loved from this morning's service.  I also encourage you to read John 15:1-17 which was our sermon passage.

But first I want to share what I missed out on today.  I had plans to drive Christine to the hamlet of Gunder, IA (population 27) to take her to the Irish Shanty the home of the Gunderburger.  She has a rain check on this date, but I wanted to show you the massiveness of the Gunderburger we missed out on today due to the snowstorm that we're getting today.

Here are the two songs that I loved worshipping to today.

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