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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sin Keeps Me From Being Me

When sin entered the world everything was corrupted.  Sin had and has a cosmic entropic effect.  That is, sin has caused all things to move toward disorder.  Nothing is as it should be, everything has deteriorated from its original state.  This is stated in Second Law of Thermodynamics and we see all of creation following this.  Stars collapse, mountains erode and living organisms die.

I argue, from Biblical reasoning, that sin makes us less human, not more human.  Here's where I get this.  Humans were designed to be immortal and perfect and since the introduction of sin to the cosmos we are not.  Sin, therefore, makes us less like the original design for humanity, not more.  Therefore, sin makes us less human, not more.

Often we say as Alexander Pope did "To err is human..." and that is true because of sin.  But "To err is human"  is not true if you talking about the original design of humans.  To be perfectly made in the image of God and to perfectly reflect that image is human.

When I get to Heaven and am glorified and reunited with my body I will be the most Matt I've ever been.  I won't cease to be Matt, no I will be more fully Matt than I am now.  My Mattness, if you will, will be 100%.  Sin keeps me from being me.

Take Jesus in Luke 4 as an example.  Jesus was fully God and fully human, yet did not ever sin.  In Luke 4 He resisted sinning as the Devil tempted Him in the desert.  Was that the fully God or fully human part that resisted the Devil's tempting?  Yes.  It was Jesus who was fully God and fully man.  Jesus wasn't less of a man because He didn't sin.  Actually, I would argue that it is the opposite; Jesus was more human than I because He didn't sin.  Jesus lived exactly as humans were designed to live, save for the fact that He offered Himself to be killed.

Humanity is limited in comparison to God.  When we are glorified we will not be infinite in knowledge, unlimited in power, able to be all places at once or sovereign over all creation, only God will fit that description.  We will be humans in human bodies but we will not sin.  I don't know exactly what it will look like to be glorified into my originally designed full humanity, but I know it won't involve sin.

So, the next time the Devil tries to trick you into thinking that God is keeping you from sinning because God hates to see you be your authentic self, don't believe him.  God desires to renew us.  He desires to bring us back to our factory settings permanently.  Sin keeps me from being me.  God is bent on making me new again.

Resist sin and be yourself today.

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