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Friday, February 19, 2016

Monty Williams' Faith

NBA assistant coach Monty Williams faced a horrific tragedy Tuesday.  His wife was hit head on by another vehicle that was going WAY over the speed limit and the crash killed her.  She was only 44 years old and they have five children together.

On Thursday Monty Williams, the former head coach of the Pelicans and current Thunder assistant coach, spoke at his wife's memorial service.  What he had to say was perfect.  His eulogy has been viewed millions of times because of the rock-solid faith that Monty shared.

When Christians have faith in the face of suffering the world takes notice.  There are few endorsements of the power of God that are more effective than clinging to faith in suffering.  Few things other than the peace that passes understanding to make the world take notice.  I would never ever wish this type of suffering on anyone, yet I wish this type of faith on everyone.

What Monty Williams said is viral.  It may be here today and gone tomorrow because of our short attention span, but it is here today and it is the Gospel that is going viral.  The sovereignty and goodness of God was a topic on ESPN today.

I want to share Mr. Williams' eulogy and a reaction of it from one of the many debate-type shows on ESPN.  I encourage you to watch both today.

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