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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Worship on Oscars Day

Today was another great day to worship at my church, Grace Baptist.  Below are a couple of the songs we did in worship.  Also, below that is a post about the Oscars that I wrote last year.

Below is the post from last year.

The Oscars

Tomorrow night the 87th Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles, CA.  Millions of people will watch to see the winners announced, the beautiful dresses worn and great musical performances given.  The spotlight will be turned on the films of the last year and those who made them.

I, like a lot of people, enjoy guessing who will be a winner in the major categories, despite the fact that I've only seen a handful of the films being honored.  There's something fun about guessing the awards.  I think Best Picture will go to Boyhood, Best Actor to Michael Keaton, Best Actress to Julianne Moore, Best Supporting Actor to J. K. Simmons, Best Actress to Patricia Arquette and Best Director to Richard Linklater.

There's an anticipation people have to find out if their picks match the real thing.  I look forward to seeing if I'm right, too.

Anticipation and wondering is fun.  Hoping you're right but not knowing for sure or simply wanting to watch the winners announced inspires us watch the Oscars.

Christianity is so different from the Oscars.

We don't have to wait to find out who wins.  Jesus wins.  Anticlimactic, I know.

We win, too.

We are part of Jesus' victory.  At the cross Jesus won and in the end every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, we already know this.  We get the victory with Him.  Graciously He makes us part of the cast of the greatest picture ever made.  See God's story, HISstory, wins Best Picture.  Jesus wins Best Actor.  God wins Best Director.  And in all this He lets us have a part in this great story.

We get to be players in the greatest story ever told!  God doesn't need us in the least bit, but He lets us play a part.  Rather, than just watching, He lets us participate in His glorious story.

Here's the question: are you going to sit and watch or are you going to play a part?  Are you going to make a difference for Jesus in this story?  God becomes part of our story and that is amazing, but He lets us be a part of His story... history... and that is even more amazing.

Play a part in the His story today.

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