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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Diamond

Today is my fiance's birthday.  Christine is such a great gift to me and I'm so excited that she's in my life.  I love Christine for many reasons but there is one reason I want to focus on today because I think it's something many young women can learn from.  I love Christine for her exceptional purity of character.

Honey, I hope you're okay with me sharing this story (and it's too late if you're not, this internet thing is pretty permanent).

The night I proposed to Christine we went out to dinner.  At dinner we talked about how lucky and blessed we both felt.  At one point she said this, and I'm paraphrasing: "I always felt so weird.  I never dated anyone, never kissed anyone, never loved anyone before you."

She thought all the above was weird.  I think it's amazing.  It made me feel even more lucky and blessed that night.  But she thought it all was weird before we started dating.

So, I told her this...

"A diamond amongst pebbles may feel weird, but it's not.  A diamond is beautiful, pure, special and valuable.  It is definitely different from the pebbles around it but it isn't weird.  A diamond amongst pebbles isn't weird, it's precious.  God gave me the grace to look amongst the pebbles and spot a pure, precious diamond.  You're my diamond."

I don't think Christine's unique in feeling weird about this.  I felt like this, too.  We feel weird when we don't follow the social norms about dating.  But when we value our purity and beauty someone will look at us and see a diamond.  When I found out that Christine saved everything for me I felt so special and found her to look even more beautiful.  Why was I so lucky to be the one who gets to be her first and only everything?  Wow, I'm lucky and blessed.

Ladies, not exclusively ladies but especially ladies, avoid the enemy's lies.  Don't believe the lie that you're weird unless you profess love to that boy in study hall or if you don't kiss someone by age 20 or lose your virginity before graduating college.  Some man will look at your purity of character and see a beautiful diamond; and isn't that the man you want to gently hold your heart?

Christine, you are my diamond.  I thank God for you every day.  And ladies, hold on to hope.  Don't listen to the enemy's lies.  Respect and value your purity as much as you want your husband to.

Shine like a diamond today.


  1. This is God's way don't ever feel weird about it. It is something precious that you will cherish for all of your life.

  2. Matt Ray, you are so godly and such a romantic! This morning I told CL about one of my friends who got her heart broken by a boy, and how blessed she (Christine) was that she never had to experience that, even though in high school she may have felt a little left out by not dating. She said she's sooo happy now and it was obviously 100% worth waiting for! I just hope and pray that I can be the diamond in someone's eye someday too, even if I don't shine quite as purely bright as Christine. But today, I get to be Jesus's. :) Thanks, brother! (I may or may not be blinking back tears ;)

  3. Thank you Steph. Don't worry... some guy is going to be lucky to have you.