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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do the Rightest Thing

Rightest isn't a word, but ignore that.

In 1989 Spike Lee released a movie called Do the Right Thing.  This post is not about that movie.

I rarely have trouble doing the right thing.  What I do have trouble doing is the rightest thing.

As a person who grew up being taught right from wrong I know where right and wrong are in a given situation.  Unfortunately, I find my self doing things that are right but not much more than that.  I often choose the right instead of wrong, but I often don't choose the best.

If I'm given a choice between two things that are both technically right things to do, I often choose the easier of the two rather than the better of the two.

Also, I know where the line is between right and wrong and choose to hang out on the edge of the right side.  I know that I can move further into the right, but I get selfish and lazy.  I do things that aren't wrong, but aren't the rightest.

Please pray that I desire to choose the rightest option.  Please pray that I follow through with my own desire and actually choose the rightest option.  Join me and try to do the rightest thing today.

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