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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Facebook and Sharing Jesus

One reason Facebook is great is because you can see how people react to what you put out there.  You can see if your post was liked.  You get a check mark if your message was seen.  People can either friend you or not friend you.  You can see everyone's relationship status.  Facebook allows you to see a lot of how people react to what's out there.  In fact, you can see how people you haven't seen in person in years react to things online.

"Jessica likes your comment: 'Go Hawkeyes!  Beat Indiana St.'"

When you share Jesus many times you want get that.  You wont see:

"Jessica likes your comment: 'Jesus died for your sins.'"

You won't always get a checkmark by a message you shared with a teen to prove that they got your message.  You won't always know for sure that glazed look on their eyes means they're not listening.

"Jessica is in a relationship with Paul"

On Facebook you can see when someone is in a relationship.  Sometimes I see a relationship status change in someone I have as a Facebook friend but haven't really seen in years.  Sometimes I see a relationship status change in someone I haven't seen or even thought about in a long time.

"Jessica is in a relationship with Jesus Christ"

We don't always get this update when we share Jesus.  Many times when you share Jesus you don't get the privilege of finding out how their life turned out.  Many times we plant a seed of truth never knowing if they ever enter a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Don't let that discourage you from sharing your hope in Jesus with the world.  Lives are changed when we shared the Gospel; unfortunately we won't always see the fruit of our efforts, but in heaven we will.

Share the Gospel.  Pray for the soul of someone you wish to have a relationship status change with the Savior.  Who knows maybe the status change for that person will be:

"___________ is in a relationship with Jesus Christ." today. 

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