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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Great Are You Lord

Every Sunday I want to take a deeper look at one of the songs that we sang in Sunday worship.  This week we sang several great songs, but the one I want to write about is "Great Are You Lord."

We first started singing this song soon after I was diagnosed with a heart defect.  Now, this defect isn't something that affects my life greatly, but this diagnosis scared me and my wife.  I began to think about my death.  I began to wonder about what could happen.  I made the mistake of Googling the defect and what I found wasn't too good.  Later I talked with my cardiologist and he assured me that the worse case situations that I'd been looking up wasn't my particular case.

It was during this time of fear that we first sang this song.  It was during this time of thinking about aortic aneurysms and valve replacements that we sang this song.

This was the line that nailed me that day.

"You give hope, You restore
every heart that is broken."

The writer of the song was likely thinking about the figurative broken heart, but that morning as we sang I was thinking of my physical heart.  One of my hopes in the Gospel is that God will mend my physical heart.  God will heal my body completely.

It's because of this hope and so many others that I shout His praise, that I shout "Great Are You Lord!"

God is great.  Pour out your praise to Him today.

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