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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Prayers for the Sundets

There is a family we know that desperately needs your prayers.  The Sundet family has been hit with a bombshell.  The mom, Bev, has been diagnosed with cancer and it has now metastasized to her brain.  The doctors have told her that she has 3 weeks to live.

Obviously this is heartbreaking news.  I do not know Bev but her daughters Hannah and Rachel are great kids.

I want you to please pray for this family, although I don't know how to pray myself.

Please pray that God will carry out His will and do good in this.  Pray for comfort for Bev and the family.  Pray for healing even though it looks impossible because with man this is impossible, but with God nothing is impossible.  While I desperately want healing for Bev I also want the family to have peace and to trust God no matter how the situation turns out.  God healing Bev would be a miracle.  God given this family the peace that passes all understanding would be a miracle.  So, pray that God, the Great Physician, would do a mighty, miraculous healing.  And pray that God gives the Sundets the supernatural ability to trust Him.

Pray for the Sundets.  Ask others to pray for the Sundets, too because prayer is an immensely powerful thing.

"Dear Lord,

Be with the Sundets.  Heal Bev because you can and only you can.  Use this healing to show the world your strength.  Be with the entire family and give them the strength to trust you.  Please let them see good in this horrendous, garbage of a situation.   Relieve Bev from pain and make her time with her family sweet and meaningful.  God be God to the Sundets.  Be gracious and loving to them and give them the peace that passes all understanding today.



  1. You Lord are the healer and protector of our lives. Please heal Bev! And for John and Bev give them strength to get through these days. Help Bev to be able to rest in you Lord and wait patiently Ps 37:7 and as you said "Your rest shall be glorious Isa 11:10. Be strong and courageous. Don't be discouraged for the Lord our God will be with you both. Jos 1:19. You are so precious to him, he is the perfector! Nothing is impossible with him. I wish I could be there helping in anyway I could! Know I will be praying continually. MaryAnn Handel

  2. I've been praying. Is there an update?

  3. Phil,
    Bev died Saturday night. We know she is healed now but please continue to pray for her family.