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Monday, April 17, 2017

To Those Who Kill Us

Lent is done and therefore I'm done blogging daily.  Thank you to those who joined me for the last month and a half whether it was each day or just once.  I'm done blogging daily and will move to about once a week (though it often takes me a while to slow my pace again).  I normally wouldn't be writing the day after Easter but I badly wanted to post this.

On Palm Sunday Christians in Egypt were bombed.  Two churches were bombed killing 45 and injuring about 126 while they worshipped.

I was saddened by this attack like most of you were.  I sent an e-mail to a friend in Egypt letting him know that I was praying for him and our brothers and sisters in Egypt.  He told me thank you and said that amazing testimonies were resulting from the attack.  He sent back a link to a video that blew me away.  In the video Father Boules George delivers a message that is so loving and so wise and so beautiful.  It is a must watch.  Watching the video convicted me and inspired me to my core.  This man is a man who believes with all certainty in the promise of Heaven, this is a man who loves his enemies and prays for those who persecute him, this is a man who is clearly empowered by the Holy Spirit to obey the radical words of Jesus.

I could write more about it but I can't say it better than Father Boules George did.  Be sure to click the "CC" button on the bottom right of the video so you can see the English translation.  It will be the best nine minutes of your day today.

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