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Thursday, March 10, 2016

He Bears Our Burdens

Today I was reading Psalm 68 and one verse jumped off the page to me.  There is a lot, underscore that, a lot of great lines and ideas and truths in Psalm 68 but one that I want to share.

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens."  Psalm 68:19

This is such a good and comforting truth.  We have a God and Savior who daily bears our burdens.  God does not occasionally bear our burdens, He daily bears our burdens.

Is your burden depression or anxiety?

Is your burden an unfulfilled desire?

Is your burden loneliness?

Is your burden tight finances?

Is your burden a difficult relationship?

Whatever your burden remember that God daily bears it.

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens.
Our God is a God who saves;
from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death."  Psalm 68:19-20

The greatest burden God bears for us is the burden of our sin.  Jesus bore the burden of my sin and yours on the cross.  He carried what we cannot.  He took the brunt of our burden so we could escape from death.  He bore the awesome weight of our sins so that He could indeed be a God who saves and 'Yahweh saves' is what Jesus' name means.

If Jesus bore the burden of our sins which condemned Him to death how much more will he bear all the other burdens of our life?  We can trust Psalm 68:19 because He has already been faithful to do the most extreme case of burden bearing.

Rest in the promise that we belong to the God who daily bears our burdens.  Let Him bear your burdens today.

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