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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Sermons

I hope that you got a chance to worship with your church family today.  I love Sundays because I get to be with my church family to worship, fellowship and be taught.

For some of you Sundays mean work so you can't make it to a worship service.  For some of you hearing one sermon a week isn't enough.  You may listen to podcasts or watch YouTube to get more or to get some because you missed good Bible teaching.

Below are some resources for good Bible teaching that you may have not heard of.  These are not links to mega churches, these are links to the teaching of some men in local churches that I admire and respect.

Here is a link to hear sermons from my church Grace Baptist in Waverly, Iowa where Jim Lee is senior pastor. 

This is where you can listen to sermons from my cousin Nate Ray's church Jacob's Well in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Finally, here is a link to hear sermons from my friend Erin Bird at Riverwood in Waverly, Iowa.

These churches preach the Word soundly and I encourage you give some of the teachings a listen during the week because Sundays are great but we can always use more.  So, take a listen today.

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