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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Save a Life

This morning we had a couple of guests on our morning show for our Tuesday segment "The Waverly Health Center Update."  This morning we had two guests talking about organ donation.  The man, Bill Flege, had received a liver in 2003.  That hits close to home for me because my uncle Brad had a heart transplant several years ago.

I learned a couple of things I didn't know before.  First, did you know that each organ donor could donate to 100 other people.  I thought each person could help about ten so I was surprised by that.  Imagine your body helping 100 people after your death.

Also I learned about the website www.iowadonorregistry.org  Here you can declare yourself as a donor much the same as you do when on your driver's license.

In talking with our guests this morning I asked why people don't donate their organs.  Several reasons were given but one stood out to me.  Religious objections.  I have heard these religious objections from some Christians before.  They say, "My body is going to be resurrected on Judgement Day and I do not want to have it missing parts."

That objection is silly.  Think about it.  You believe that God can raise your dead body from the ground and reunite it with your spirit and that this body will be perfect when you rejoin it.  You believe that, but you don't believe that God could do that if you donated parts to another person?  That is crazy.  If God can do the first He certainly won't have any trouble doing the second... He is God.

Save a life.  Give the gift of yourself.  Offer your body not only as a living sacrifice but as a dead one too.  But don't miss this: tell your family that you want to be a donor.  Don't think your registering will be enough because if they aren't aware of your desires you could under donate.  My family should know that I want all of my body to be used.  I want to help 100 people.  I mean, how cool would that be?!

Register to be an organ donor.  Talk to your family about your wishes.  Plan to save a life today.

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