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Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Open Letter to Iowa Republicans

Two of the greatest evils in the history of this country, perpetrated in this nation and by this nation, are slavery and abortion.  It took a Republican president named Abraham Lincoln to end slavery and I believe it will take a Republican president to end abortion.
Lincoln ended slavery through a war and a proclamation.  The man or woman who ends abortion in this nation will not do it that manner and I don’t want them to.  In fact, the president who ends abortion in this nation may not be president when that great day comes.
If we’ve learned anything over the last decade we’ve learned that the most powerful branch of government is not the legislative or the executive… it is the judicial.  We need Anti-Abortion justices in the Supreme Court.  President George W. Bush gave us Chief Justice Roberts.  Our next president will likely give us three more justices.
Pro-Abortionist judge Ruth Bader-Ginsberg will be 87 years-old when the next president’s first term ends. Justice Antonin Scalia will be almost 85 at that time.  Anthony Kennedy will be 84 years-old and he says he believes precedence should keep Roe v. Wade from ever being overturned. Stephen Breyer will be will be 82 and he not only supports abortion, but supported the unbelievably brutal practice of partial-birth abortion.
The next president should be one who is strongly anti-abortion.  One who will appoint a justice that will follow common sense morality and rule in favor of life if and when another case against on-demand abortion is brought before our highest court. 
From what the candidates have said most are anti-abortion.  But the front-runner Donald Trump has been pro-abortion until recently when he began courting our vote.  I for one am sick of being used.  I’m sick of candidates saying they’re against the horrors of abortion and not doing a thing about it.  I don’t want to be used again.
So, consider caucus night (Monday, Feb 1) what man or woman you want appointing Supreme Court justices.

This is not a one issue election, but imagine what history would say if this one issue was corrected.  Can anyone else tell me the other issues of the election of 1860?

* I normally don't do political posts, but I felt the need to because I am an Iowan and we play such an important role in our political process.
* I say a Republican is the answer for two reasons. 1) this is an open letter to Republicans and 2) the Democratic party as part of its party platform is pro-choice 

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