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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Details Matter

In church we just finished a series on the book of Ruth.  One thing that really stood out to me is that God is in the details doing more than you think.

In Ruth we see these characters, Ruth, Boaz and Naomi, that do seemingly small things in the grand scheme.  I mean, Ruth moving with her mother-in-law to Israel would not have been the top story on Ancient Israel's CNN.  Naomi's plan to have her very normal daughter-in-law propose marriage to Boaz would not have been on Ancient Israel's TMZ.  And Boaz's faithfulness to provide for the two women would have only received a few likes on Ancient Israel's Facebook.

Yet, God used this story to change the world.  Sure this story is about three people in a small town in Israel, but read the genealogy in Ruth 4 and the genealogy in Matthew 1.  This small story spawned King David and King Jesus.  God used the details to write His story.

Here's my encouragement and challenge to you.  Live your life like the details matter.  Don't just live like God is part of your story, but live like you're part of His story... history.  The details of your life might be the reason someone is in heaven for eternity.

This is an older song by Ray Boltz but I think the lyrics are so powerful in lue of this topic.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3BJrG79IA&feature=related 

I'm not sure if this link works, but look it up because it's worth it.

Your details matter.  What seems trivial to you may be pivotal to the Kingdom.  Live your life like the details matter today.

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  1. " Don't just live like God is part of your story, but live like you're part of His story" Reminds me of "Experiencing God" by Blackaby. He said to join God where He is working[paraphrasing there]. It gives a different perspective on your life.