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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Super Bowl and Lonie Paxton- A Repost

Here's a post from 2013 that is fitting since this is Super Bowl week.

The Super Bowl and Lonie Paxton

Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, Joe Namath... these are names of Super Bowl champions.  I'm sure many of you recognize these names if you are fans of football.  Let me add another name to this list.  Lonie Paxton.

Who the heck is Lonnie Paxton?

Lonie Paxton was a pivotal player in one of the Super Bowl's most dramatic plays.  It was Super Bowl XXXVI and the New England Patriots were the underdogs to the powerful St. Louis Rams quarterbacked by Kurt Warner.  Hardly anyone gave the Pats a chance of winning that game.  Despite the doubters, the Patriots were in the final seconds of the game with a chance to win.  All they had to do was make a 48 yard field goal and they would be the victors of the biggest game of the year as millions upon millions of people watched.

So who is Lonie Paxton?

That's still the question.  Lonie Paxton was the long snapper for the Patriots.  Lonie made a perfect snap and Adam Vinatieri kicked the ball through the uprights clinching the game for Tom Brady and the Patriots and starting a dynasty.

Lonie Paxton played a pivotal role in an enormous victory and 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of people, let alone football junkies, have never heard his name before.

Billy Graham, C. S. Lewis, the Apostle Paul, Mother Theresa... these are names of people who have changed the world in the name of God.  I'm sure many of you recognize these names.  Let me add another name to this list.  Jerry Lockwood.

Who the heck is Jerry Lockwood?

Jerry Lockwood is a man of God from Enon Baptist Church in little Pittsville, Missouri.  Jerry spreads his hope in Jesus Christ in a variety of ways.  Jerry is playing a pivotal role in an enormous victory and 99.9999999999999999999999% of people, let alone Christians, have never heard his name before.  Jerry is participating in the victory of the Gospel.  Jerry is a player in Christ's triumphant spreading of His Gospel.

Why do I write this?  I want you to know what a privilege we have.  We get to be a part of the victory of Christ's Gospel.  God could do it all on His own but He invites us to be a player in His victory.  How awesome is that!  I also want you to know that name recognition isn't the only reward of sharing in this victory.  I'm sure if you talked with Lonie Paxton he would tell you want an honor and thrill it was to have played a part in a Super Bowl championship.

So, play a role in a championship.  Cherish the opportunity to participate in the victory of Christ's Gospel.  Be thrilled by that.  In whatever role you're given, be it quarterback or long snapper, play a role in someone's eternal destiny today.

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