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Monday, July 15, 2013

D.I.Y. Christianity

We American Christians have bought a lie.

We American's pride ourselves on self-sufficiency.   D.I.Y. (do it yourself) is part of the lexicon.  We love to do things all by ourselves.  We pay to go to a restaurant where we can grill our own steaks.  We search the aisles of Menard's and the Home Depot so we have the right equipment to do it ourselves.

Those who are D.I.Y.ers feel superior to those of us that call the plumber for help and in some ways they may be.  D.I.Y. is a source of pride and I'm not saying that this is completely wrong.

But D.I.Y. Christianity is not what Christ has planned for us.  When I say "D.I.Y. Christianity" I don't mean someone who is trying to earn heaven on their own without Jesus.  When I say "D.I.Y. Christianity" I mean someone who thinks that needing others is a sign of weakness and that strong Christians can will themselves to righteousness.

First, we are never called to be self-sufficient Christians.  We are called to be semi-self-fed, mature Christians, but not self-sufficient.  We are called to pursue God and stay faithful to Him together.  As my pastor says, "staying faithful to Jesus is a community project."  A brave Christian is not one that suppresses his/her needs and does it himself/herself.  No, a brave Christian is one that bares his/her weakest points to another in the Church and says, "Help me."

Secondly, we are not called to will ourselves into righteousness.  Far from that, we are called to submit ourselves to righteousness.  We are not purified by our sweat.  No, we are purified by allowing Christ Jesus to work in us.  We are purified by letting God do His work.  Does this require some effort?  Yes. But it isn't our doing, it is all God's doing.

So, submit yourself to God's working.  Stop trying to do it yourself.  Also, bare yourself to a brother or sister in Christ.  Let them see your weakness and help you grow up into Christ.  We are not called to be D.I.Y. Christians.  We are called to be brothers and sisters submitting mutually to one another out of love under the headship of Christ.

Let go of your attempts at self-sufficient righteousness today.

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  1. I was reading this today, and I am really encouraged to see this when I did. Thanks Matt.