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Friday, May 4, 2012

Colombian Prostitution Scandal

Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about the Secret Service's sex scandal.  Secret Service agents hired prostitutes while preparing for the President's trip to Colombia.

The reaction to this news has been an inditement on our society I think.  I'm not saying that this story proves that our society is full of sex-craved maniacs.  No, I'm saying it is an inditement on our eyes.  We don't see this story in the correct light.

Jay Leno and every other late night host has had a field day with this story.  Laughing at their jokes is not an evil thing by any means.  The jokes are pretty funny, but they show that we miss the point.  Sure it is kinda funny that a Secret Service agent tried to pay $28 for an $800 service... if the service was something like cleaning his car.  The story is so absurd that it is funny... unless you realize that this story isn't absurd at all.  This story is similar to one being told every single day around the world and in our communities.

Dania Suarez was one of the prostitutes involved in this sex scandal.  Playboy and Hustler are now vying to have this beautiful Colombian woman pose nude for them.  I'm sure an interview would accompany this photo shoot.  But look at how this story is being covered.  The New York Daily News said, "Suarez... is looking to sell her body - again- to the highest bidder."  These prostitutes (there were 20 involved) are being painted as willing participants in the industry.  Most prostitutes are not willing participants.  Most prostitutes are either physically enslaved or enslaved by their perceived/actual lack of options.

We have completely missed the point of this story.  We need not glamorize prostitution.  As a former prostituted woman once told me, "There is no Pretty Woman."  We need to change our eyes as a society.  Look at this story the way God does.

I invite you to come to watch the documentary Nefarious next week (May 11) at 6:00 at Grace in Waverly.  I'm sure that when you see the movie you will be unable to look at this prostitution scandal in the same way again.  I encourage you to check your eyes in regard to this story today.

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